Working With New Lattitudes

Have you ever seen one of those building shows where the contractor is standing with the client, pouring over a set of plans, shaking his head and saying something like, “Give me a break! Clearly, whoever designed this has never actually built a house!” Then the contractor walks around the site for the next half hour scratching his head and griping about his plight, but you can’t really understand him because he’s got a mouthful of nails?

That’s not us. See, we believe that a project is more successful if the designer, the engineer and the contractor all work together. That’s why we are a design and construction firm, and while it sounds like a no brainer, this talent combo is actually pretty rare.

New Lattitudes is a collective of designers, engineers and contractors. And while we’ve got the talent, intelligence and skill to tackle the most complex renovations, when it comes down to it we really just love the smell of sawdust and will take on almost any job to be around it. Plus we’re incurable showoffs and get a kick out of one upping the competition with our outstanding craftsmanship. Our unique talent combination and consistent client satisfaction has been the force behind our success since 2002.